Why Airbnb property management services are booming amongst owners in London


Since its early days in 2008 when two people wanted to rent out their loft space and realised there wasn’t a bespoke accommodation rental platform on which to do this, Airbnb property services have grown exponentially.  Airbnb’s staggering success reflects the popularity of short-term home lets whether you want to rent a room, a loft space, an apartment or your entire house.


Why is short stay home letting so popular?

The two main reasons are that it is flexible and also provides a level of rental income that can’t be matched with longer stay conventional tenancies.  Online hosting platforms have made it so easy to let your home and increasingly, discerning travellers are preferring the ‘home from home’ vibe rather than generic hotel accommodation with its many restrictions.


Avoid the complexities of long-stay letting

Previously the domain of estate agents and bound up in lots of red tape, short-stay letting is a whole different ballgame.  It’s super easy to list your property and here are some of the advantages of letting in this way:-


  • Its flexible meaning you are not committed to long tenancy arrangements so you can have your house back when you want it, ideal for people who travel regularly
  • You can earn more with short-stay visitors than with one longer-term resident
  • It’s flexible so you can mix and match your guests and opt for a medium or longer-term let if it suits your needs and you have exceeded the 90-day rule
  • There are a range of different platforms which make it super easy to advertise your property
  • Airbnb property management services in London like The City Keys can take all the legwork and hassle out of frequent letting


Why use a property management company?

One of the downsides to platforms like Airbnb in the early days is the constant change of guests, fine if you are just renting a room and are there on site but not so easy if you are away travelling or working.

On the back of this and the increasing popularity of homestays, property management companies have been springing up to take the strain of short term letting away from the homeowner.  The City Keys’ service is unique amongst Airbnb management in London and here’s why:-

  • The City Keys offer a monthly guaranteed rent in London as we rent from you, assured payments every month without any of the hassles of dealing with guests and no additional commission payments or fees
  • We offer professional online listings with top quality pictures of your home and attentive and rapid responses to all inquiries
  • Detailed listings include added touches like house rules to ensure your guests are fully aware of what they are booking and reducing the likelihood of disputes and cancellations
  • We greet all guests personally on arrival, unlike many other management companies. A personal welcome to your home promotes quality customer service and security for your property
  • The care of your home is as much a priority as the care your guests receive.
  • We arrange five-star housekeeping after each party have left and are available for callouts to guests during their stay

The City Keys are so much more than an online booking service.  With The City Keys, there really are no drawbacks to short-term letting so why not call us today and see how much your property could earn.  We can arrange quality images and a professional listing with a total service package that allows you to just sit back and collect your guaranteed monthly income.  It couldn’t be simpler. Let’s talk today