Why are more and more people signing up for short term rentals?

Guaranteed Rent

It’s easy to see the appeal of a short term let.  Imagine you are staying for a few days in London with your family or have to base yourself there for a conference or an event, which would you choose, a short stay in someone’s comfortable home or a few nights in a hotel?

Hotels are expensive and lack the flexibility and facilities of an entire home particularly if you are travelling with a family.  Staying in someone’s home in a new city if far more personal and unique, it allows visitors to get far more under the skin of a place.  It’s ideal for all types of traveller – tourists, business travellers and students – offering a real home from home which the hotel chains simply cannot compete with.


Why should you consider short term rentals as a homeowner?

Hundreds of properties are coming on stream because more and more homeowners can see the merit of short term letting.  Use an Airbnb management company like The City Keys and we will do all the hard work for you.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:-


  • You can let a room, an apartment or your entire house on a flexible basis. It’s ideal if you want to dip in and out of the market and don’t want long-term commitments to lengthy tenancies
  • Short term lets are very lucrative, average rental prices for attractive properties are high. Often cheaper than a comparable stay in a hotel, visitors are prepared to pay that bit more for the flexibility of the accommodation and a real home from home feel
  • Let The City Keys rent your home and receive a monthly guaranteed rent in London
  • The market is buoyant as more and more travellers wake up to the advantages of renting a home rather than staying in a hotel. There is always business for a well-presented home
  • Let flexibly around work and family commitments – let your home earn while you are not there

Guaranteed Rent

Isn’t short term letting hard work?

It can be so to let effectively, you need to use an Airbnb management company like The City Keys.  We offer a professional, experienced and attentive service to your guests which is way more than just online hosting.  By greeting your guests personally and being on call for problems and issues, we can ensure your visitors are looked after as well as your home.  This is ideal for an owner who is absent or who just doesn’t want the day to day hassle.  You can either let with us on an ad hoc basis where you only pay per booking or we can let from you.  This offers a monthly guaranteed rent scheme in London and we take care of all your bookings from the initial inquiry through to the click of the front door when your guests leave.

As more and more homeowners jump on the bandwagon, it is really important to have the right representation so you stand out in the marketplace.  Not all Airbnb management companies are the same.  Give The City Keys a call today and find out what our service could do for you.