A personalised service that manages everything from listing your property to cleaning to check-in. See our pricing below.

Cost of Airbnb Management

15% Management

Full 5 star management service. Listing, cleaning, linen & towels, guest communications + check-in. Just 15% per booking

Price of Short Let Management

Guaranteed Rent

Full 5 star management service. Listing, cleaning, linen & towels, guest communications + check-in. Receive your full rent every month. Guaranteed

Time for Landlords

Flexible Lettings

Earn more from your property with short, medium & long term rentals combined. We take on single properties and blocks.


Highly recommended

We recently used The City Keys to manage our family home while away on work for 6 months. They did a fantastic job and everything was managed perfectly. When we arrived home our property was spotless.

Tom V – Homeowner

Very Organized

I always rent my home out on Airbnb but the great thing about The City Keys is they got me listed on all of the other short-term rental websites and got me much more bookings. They also managed check-in and cleaning.

Amy P – Host

Superb Service

The City Keys took my building of 10 apartments. I have never been more relaxed. Always receiving my rent and not dealing with the issues of tenants.

Rick G – Block Manager

We are a total solution provider and handle everything so you don’t have to lift a finger. Sometimes not doing things yourself means eating into your revenue stream but using The City Keys and our expertise means we keep your costs to a minimum and your income to a maximum.

We cover the cost of everything you need for the running of your rental property and it’s all included in the price. Five star rated hotel trained cleaning staff are the only people we would trust with your property. The price of our property management also includes towel and linen changing along with laundry duties and check-in.

Guests need checking in and often have issues that need attending to. We are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Access to the property for guests to get settled in or access for workmen to make repairs can be at a convenient time but often emergencies can be at all hours so just leave it to us.

The other, perhaps most important, aspect that we cover for the price of managing your property is client acquisition. Our charges are a flat rate of 15% that covers everything or alternatively you can rent your entire property to us for a longer term for a fixed amount of rent every month so you can relax and have total peace of mind with London’s top tenant The City Keys.


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Do you provide maintenance if needed?

Yes. We have an army of maintenance staff specialised in all disciplines of property repair should you need it. We can complete smaller tasks without contacting you but for bigger jobs pricing varies so we would discuss a spending limit before approving the work.

Is my home insured when guests are staying there?

Yes. Airbnb covers all hosts up to $1 million. Even though it’s rare for accidents to happen, sometimes the best of guests have mishaps now and again. Airbnb will also pay for minor claims through the resolution centre such as spillages and breakage and we can take a small deposit from guests upon arrival.

How do guests collect the keys and check-in?

All keys are provided in a lockbox or smart lock that is checked by cleaning staff after every visit. The guest is provided with the code to access the keys beforehand and the code is changed regularly to maintain security for your property.

When do I pay for your property management services?

Our commission and fees are charged out of the payment you receive for each booking.

When do I receive payment?

In the case of Airbnb management, you are paid directly by Airbnb within 24hrs of your guest’s check-in. In the case of our long-term agreements such as guaranteed rent, you are paid at the end of each calendar month.

Are guests screened before staying at my property?

Yes. We don’t take chances with your property. We take all appropriate measures to ensure the guests that enter your house or apartment are going to treat it with respect and leave it the way they found it.

Do you provide fresh linens and towels?

Yes. we provide all items that you would expect if you were checking into a hotel such as bath towels, hand towels and bed linen. All of our linens and towels are of the highest quality and comfort so guests have a perfect stay at your property.

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