London block management & our top five tips for successful hosting

Airbnb Rental

Read our top five tips for London block management & successful hosting and watch that rental income roll in.

A quick click onto hosting sites like Airbnb will reveal hundreds if not thousands of properties available across the capital.  As a newbie in the short term rental market, this can seem a bit intimidating but you would be surprised how easy it is to make your property stand out from everyone else’s.

Here at The City Keys we do full apartment and block management and can also increase occupancy in buildings and flats with a combination of long, short and flexible lettings. We manage buildings and homes and deal with tenants from all backgrounds. No request too big for our management or concierge team and we do everything to the highest level and with a smile.

  1. Be clear about your house rules. Setting out clearly the dos and don’ts of your home is really important, that way, you should only have guests who are appropriate for your property.  Misunderstandings before they even turn the key in the lock will end up with a bad review for you which is very damaging as most savvy travellers place a lot of store on the experience and feedback of other guests.
  2. Send your guests a check-in message. At The City Keys, we know that attention to detail brings great rewards.  We automatically send all your guests a check-in message and we greet all visitors to your home personally.  We can show them around and resolve any initial queries or questions.  This is great security for your property and service the guests really appreciate.
  3. Pitch your home within its neighbourhood. London is full of little corners where there are unexpected treasures, independent shops, fascinating markets and a real local vibe so use this to position your home.  A property set within the context of its surroundings will have far greater appeal than something which seems isolated from the surrounding community.  We can add local colour to your listing and you can expand on this in your own house rules booklet which is available to guests in the property.  It’s also worth adding this to your online profile as prospective guests can read about your neighbourhood written by the person who lives there.  And this is a useful online tool for your guests to refer to when they are out and about after arrival.Rental Tips
  4. Address concerns and queries promptly. Most people don’t mind teething problems if they can have them resolved quickly.  Speed of response is your chance to shine as a landlord and this is where The City Keys can really excel.  We can take the strain of all those queries from missing Wi-fi codes to broken washing machines.  We deal with all enquiries no matter how trivial, promptly and professionally providing exceptional service to your visitors.
  5. Send a check out message. Your guests are our priority right through to departure.

We haven’t mentioned top quality images of your home, a professional listing and a personal service for your guests as The City Keys offer this automatically to all their customers unlike some Airbnb management companies in London.  Whether you just have one property to let or are interested in our London block management service for multiple lets, we provide the same exceptional service to all our property owners and their guests.  Why not give The City Keys a call today and find out more.