Increase income with a sofa bed – London Property Management


Increase income with a sofa bed – London Property Management

London property management companies and savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to gain that extra edge, that little bit of an advantage which makes their property more bookable than the one down the road.  Guest capacity and the quality of accommodation really dictate how much rental income you can expect to achieve for your property so are there any ways you can nudge that up a little?


Increase your accommodation

Increase your home’s capacity and income potential by adding a sofabed.  This is a typical example of when a property assessment in London from an experienced property management company like The City Keys can highlight areas where you can improve your offering and increase your property’s rental.

The tricky subject of pricing

The short let London property management scene is thriving, there is so much accommodation to choose from so do you know how to price your property?  Using an Airbnb management company like The City Keys will give you access to experienced and professional staff who will have knowledge of the local market in your area and can accurately assess the right price for your home.

Sofa Bed

What type of sofa bed should you buy?

Sofa beds vary in price from the cheap and cheerful to the positively extravagant.  Some prices can hit four figures but remember, you will earn that back and then some if you are able to increase your rental prices.

A sofa bed will allow you to increase your rental charges.  It’s hard pricing your home when you are out on your own.  The City Keys can take all the worry out of working out the rental price and will put on a higher rate when you might not have the confidence.  Most Airbnb management companies will tell you that homeowners left to their own devices will down value their properties.  The City Keys has all the assurance and confidence of detailed market knowledge and will make sure you receive the rent your property deserves.


Why is a sofa bed so appealing?

The City Keys will not try and fit your property into one sector; we will ensure it has a universal appeal to as many different guests as possible.  Sofa beds offer flexibility so that your guests can add a plus one for a few nights, maybe a friend in London or someone they know passing through.  The trick to great rental income is to make your home as desirable as possible to as many people as possible.

The sofa bed option can be great for a couple with a small child who is out of a cot but they don’t necessarily want to rent a two-bedroom apartment.  A sofa bed in a one-bedroom apartment will open up your home to groups of three whether they are friends or a couple with a child or another family member.

Find out how you can maximise the appeal of your home, book a visit from The City Keys today. Adding a sofa bed is just one of the many options we can discuss with you as we plan how to best market your lovely home and achieve maximum occupancy rates.