How to write a good Airbnb property manual

Airbnb House Manual

Writing an informative and comprehensive house manual is crucial to happy guests and repeat business.  Imagine staying in someone else’s home in a foreign country, there are bound to be things you need to know or little quirks about the house that it would be helpful to have documented.

At The City Keys, house rules and a house manual are all part of our premium service to both guests and homeowners.  Ensure your visitors have everything they need to know about your home at their fingertips. Best of all, they are more likely to take care of your property and leave you a good review too.


Top tips to writing a successful Airbnb property manual

House Manual

  • State the obvious – certain things about your home may be obvious to you but it never hurts to describe them plainly
  • Be concise – if there is a lot of detail and waffle, people will simply lose interest and not read it. Don’t feel you have to give complex explanations or reasons for your house rules, just state them in plain English
  • Organised information – group the information sensibly with headings so people can find what they want quickly and with ease. Top of the list will be the wi-fi code but section other information into useful groups such as, ‘heating and hot water’, ‘linen and laundry’ and ‘procedure for departure’ which would include check out times and where they should leave the key.  It can be useful to group information by room so, for example, in the kitchen, you might include instructions for the oven or direct them to where they can find them and don’t forget that all-important handy hint about the toaster quirks.  List instructions with bullet points so they are easy to follow
  • Summarise key detail – at the front of the booklet, put a one-page summary which includes the full address of the property and the postcode (they might want this for a shopping drop) and all the contact information for The City Keys should there be any queries or issues
  • Less is most definitely more – a couple of sides of A4 should cover everything your guests need to know. If you want to really present it, use a glossy A4 folder where you can have more pages with less information on each.  The cellophane pockets are great for this but if you confine yourself to just a couple of pieces of paper then laminate them
  • Include local colour – personalise your property by including detail about local pubs and cafes, markets and trendy shops. List anything unusual or interesting – attractions, museums, artisan businesses that mustn’t be missed.  Don’t list large and famous tourist spots. Include the mundane such as supermarkets and explain the difference between Waitrose and Aldi as a foreign visitor simply won’t know.  Also, list petrol stations and charging points for Electric Vehicles
  • Add to your online profile – add your house manual to your property’s online profile. Some of the information it contains, guests will want before they arrive like the full address so they can arrange for a supermarket shop to be waiting for them on arrival.  And it can be useful for them to refer to once they are staying and are out and about away from the property


The City Keys offer the very best professional Airbnb property management in London with a quality service that really pays attention to detail.  A comprehensive house manual is just one way your listing will stand out from the rest.  Call The City Keys now and find out how your property could shine with the best Airbnb management in London.