Five reasons to use an Airbnb Property Management Service

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It is tempting to rent out your property yourself, there’s no loss of control of your precious home and no dent in the rent you can collect either with costly management fees.  But not all Airbnb property management companies are alike and what might seem like a good idea at the outset can end up becoming a real hassle over the weeks and months.

Read on to learn about the five top reasons for using Airbnb property management in London to rent out your home and why you should secure The City Keys as your Airbnb management service.

Five Good Reasons


  • Experience – The City Keys have plenty of it, knowing how to market your property and to which audience, making sure that guests are looked after properly and that housekeeping services are seamless between bookings. Our experience can also help you head off problems which as a newbie you could encounter just through your own lack of familiarity.  And inexperience can sometimes lead to mistakes such as double bookings which can be very costly for your feedback and reviews. Our slick systems will keep everything running smoothly
  • Real-time and virtual service – The City Keys greet every group of guests in person, something which you may find impossible to do if you are away from home with work commitments. Short letting is very profitable but it is also pretty labour intensive, with plenty of changeovers and potential problems or repairs which can need resolving in person.  Personal service can offer flexible check-in times, resolve initial queries and questions and answer questions about the local area. Our online presence means we are always available to engage with your guests
  • Stress-free – providing a constantly high-quality service, being attentive to your guests, resolving niggles and problems and all this, when you may be located far from home, can be very stressful. The City Keys are online and on-site to do all this for you so you can just get on with your life safe in the knowledge that your home is being marketed and cared for with a premium service
  • Professional service – our dedicated and experienced staff will get to know your property and can consistently provide high quality and seamless service to your guests. Most individual owners managing their own properties find that it can be much more hit and miss depending on their time constraints.  With The City Keys, you can just sit back and let us provide a five-star service.  This, in turn, will boost your ratings as many guests book based on the reviews of previous visitors
  • Time-saving – hands-on management can be very time-consuming particularly if you want to provide an attentive and quality service. As a homeowner, you may not have that time due to other commitments or you might just want to spend the time managing your property on other more worthwhile things like family life or your hobbies and interests.  The City Keys will create that time in your life and offer you complete reassurance that we are doing the job as well as you would

At the City Keys, professional Airbnb property management is our business.  We are well versed and very experienced in promoting all sorts of properties ensuring a top-quality service for guests and maximum rental returns for homeowners.  Why not put a call through to The City Keys and let us do the work?  It could be the first step on your path to a top Airbnb letting business for your home. Find out more