Airbnb 90 Day Limit in London. Understanding the Rule…

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Confused by the Airbnb 90-day limit rule in London ?  Let The City Keys explain

If you are new to the short-term rental market or are considering hosting short stay guests in your home then you may well have heard of the Airbnb 90 Day limit in London Rule.

The 90 Day Rule is part of the rules and regulations surrounding short term letting and was introduced in 2017.  It applies to properties in the Greater London area and is only relevant to entire homes which are let so if you are just renting a room or apartment but remaining in residence yourself, then this won’t apply to you.


What does the 90 Day Rule really mean?

If you live within the Greater London area and want to let your whole house or property on a short let basis then under this new rule, you can only do so for a total of 90 days in any one calendar year.  Longer-term bookings so those of three months plus do not count towards this total, the regulation is really aimed at people who host lots of short-stay visitors.  Three-month bookings are often described as ‘medium-term’ and anything more than that as a ‘long let’.

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How can The City Keys help me with the 90 Day Rule?

Staying within the 90 day limit for London on Airbnb is one of The City Keys’ priorities for its customers.  The regulations surrounding letting can be complex and we are here to help guide you through them.

The City Keys as an Airbnb management company is at the forefront of technology and uses unique software algorithms to recognise different bookings throughout the year and will take your property offline for short lets once you have hit your maximum quota of 90 days.  The system can read the different bookings so even if you have hit your 90-day quota on short lets, your property will still be marketed for medium and longer lets.  We also will have your property listed on booking.com and Home Away and these are popular with business travellers and those coming to the capital to study or for longer breaks.  You might have a mixture of short and medium-term lettings but the system will still calculate your quota against the 90 Day Rule in any one calendar year ensuring you don’t have to worry.


What if I have reached the Airbnb 90 Day Limit Rule but want to carry on letting?

Your property will still be marketed by The City Keys for medium and longer-term lets – we have a flexible lettings model which will let you vary your lettings until the new calendar year when you can revert to short lets again if you want to.


Let The City Keys flexible letting programme work for you

However you want to let your home, The City Keys letting packages will work for your individual circumstances.  We offer professional help and guidance along the way so that you can blend different lettings together to suit your needs and maximise the rental income from your property.  Based on our assessment of your home, the type of property and the location, we can establish trends and booking patterns for similar properties in the area ensuring you achieve maximum occupancy and don’t fall foul of the law.  Call The City Keys today and find out more.