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Earn more from your property with short & medium term rentals combined.

Flexible lettings are a combination

Letting agents in London and home owners have traditionally depended on Short lets or longer-term tenants to maximise income throughout the year but what about flexible lettings ? here at The City Keys we are more than just a  letting agent and will tell you that the best thing about flexible lettings is that it gives you the best of both worlds. Holiday bookings are great for the peak season but in winter and spring when things are slower longer-term bookings will guarantee income.

Flexible lettings are great for many reasons.

For example, if you wanted to travel for a few months or if you are selling your home then flexible rentals are perfect. You can put someone in your home for as long as you like 1 – 3 months at a time and receive a nice income while you are making other plans.

The demand is high.

We all know about the popularity of short lets but now with so many people working remotely and lifestyles becoming more flexible many people especially digital nomads want to move in and out of cities traveling, doing business and working online whilst at the same time enjoying different cultures and homes.

Gap in the market unknown to letting agents in London.

Most homeowners still prefer longer tenancies and that’s fine but the world is changing and those forward-thinking enough to see this gap in the market will win at the end of the day. Moving with the times and thinking outside the box is the best strategy and the goal with every property is to maximise income and get a return on your investment.

The Sharing Economy

From homes, cars to jobs. The rise of Uber, Airbnb and the flexi-hour working economy demonstrates that people want commitments to work around their lifestyle, not the other way round. This lifestyle trend is growing rapidly and those who see it early will take advantage of this amazing opportunity Letting agents in London haven’t realised yet. 

The 12-month locked-in tenancy doesn’t work for everyone. Different tenants want different things, and the appetite for choice is there.

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Some examples of mid-term rentals include

  • Corporate Clients
  • Digital Nomads
  • Extended Visits
  • Holiday Short Lets
  • Students
  • People moving house
  • People visiting family & friends
  • Work placements

How do I get started?

Choosing the right partner to help out with strategy, listings and pricing (as well as cleaning and check-in!) can be difficult and there’s a lot to consider.

How do I pick the right host partner?

Different property management companies have different strengths and weaknesses. Letting agents in London focus more on long term fixed tenancies and property agents have been slow to adapt to the growing short-let market. They have limited resources to manage guest communication and check-ins. Foxtons and Chestertons are examples of large established estate agents that have struggled to keep up with changes in the market and a volatile economic climate. As is common with a rapidly changing outlook, the old get stuck in their ways and find it hard to keep up with the evolving times.

The best choice would be to use The City Keys as we can manage all of this for you. We are fully equipped and set up to manage short, medium and long term rentals and have all of the right staff and systems in place so you can relax and earn more from your property.

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